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Old Glories #12: Robin S. - Show Me Love [1990]

I reviewed our section dedicated to "Old Glory" of electronic music one of the greatest dance anthems of the last twenty years. A glaring issue that has evolved with the times and has become variegated versions instrument laying foundations for a new era of electronic music. Perfect recipe between the voice of Robin S. and the signature tune of the theme.

The lyrics are about the longing for a person who wants to show you some affection, truly exists that feeling in those who use the words about love but does not show it in action.

"Show Me Love", it's a dance song performed by American singer Robin S. Written by Allan George and Fred McFarlane under the seal of the United Kingdom Champion Records.'s Considered one of the dance music anthems of all time, being versioned over a dozen times by artists, bands, DJs from different countries 20 years after its release.

Initially released in 1990 under his real name with the legendary Robin Stone voice but with original rhythm nineties time.

In 1992 the Swedes took Stonebridge & Nick Niceremixes that went around the world with him in 1993, was relaunched with new voices as the first single from her debut album of the same name became her biggest hit to date.

The song often is confused with the single "Luv 4 Luv" which is similar musically launched at the same time, and in 1997 edited the song "Show Me Love" by the Swedish singer Robyn (same title and similar names) although both songs are unrelated.

Robyn - Show Me Love (1997) [Strange that the stage name is very similar and identical title]

The song reached the top spot on the Hot Dance Club Play, fifth on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and sixth in the charts in the UK. The song is recognized by the use of the Korg M1 organ percussion. (Link to tutorial notes)

In 2009 is revised by Steve Angello and Laidback Luke ended by consecrating the hymn in its new updated version.

After this special, I can only point out that although the track Versionen thousand ways there is no doubt that the message ringing voice and power of Robin S. are the calve of the success of this legendary dance hit. As a bonus a live performance.

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