Friday, 30 August 2013

Nu Disco champ Moullinex gives up his choice Weekend Weapons

With a catalog that takes tips from every style of booty shakin’ house, funk, and disco, Lisbon-and-Munich-based Moullinex (aka Luis Clara Gomes) is a purveyor of truly indescribable dancefloor goodness. We got the renaissance disco don to take some time out of the studio while preparing for his European tour to hip us to a few of his current favorites for the big soundsystems.

A lesson in how simplicity gets the job done right. M1 organ too dated? Fuck dat. 

Marcus Lambkin’s touch is present in all his work. A flawless gem of pop from a great producer who knows how to craft great music for DJs, too. This is an absolute floor-filler.

6 a.m. The sun is rising. Need an energy boost? Wait until that bassline comes in.

Last week I got an audience of 5000+ doing the really fast clapping part in the breakdown. Point taken.

You’re given a slot between bands in a festival, or the audience in the club is hungry for something “indie”; you need tracks like this one. Black Box does a great job remixing a great track.

I’m a sucker “Private Number,” the original from where the guitar riff was taken. Surefire.

If outer-space has hooligan aliens, this is the tune they’re singing.

The original is kind of hard to mix in, but this one is friendly, longer, and clubbier.

A celebration. A larger-than-life classic, made today. 

The title is self-explanatory. Cheesy good fun.

Author, Matt Ferry from Beatport.

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